Scanox Planner HD

High Resolution Rough Diamond Planning & Polished Diamond Planning

The Scanox Planner System is the leading solution to Measuring, Planning and Grading of diamonds from the rough stone up to the brilliant polished diamond. A dual laser scanner provides precise scanning for optimal mapping of holes and grooves.

Pique Gletz Deep Gletz Polaris

Clearer & Sharper than Ever


HD Camera
HD digital camera for accurate mapping of the rough surface and identification of the smallest inclusions.
Laser Scanner
Precise laser scanner for optimal mapping of holes and grooves.
Display full facet information such as: weight, diameter, depth, crown angle and height, pavilion angle and height, and culet.
GIA® Facetware™
Rough planning software assists in achieving the optimal cut-grade with accordance to GIA® lab's standards.
Revolutionary inclusion feature enables calculating positions and grading clarity as viewed by the user.
Best Value
Advanced algorithms automatically analyses different cut grades, shapes, clarity grades and inclusion positions for maximum profit.


Split two twins stones

The best result without inclusion

Inclusion effect simulate on polish stone

Plotting glez simulate on rough stone

Plotting whole simulate on rough stone

Analyze multiple shape and gives the best value

Maximize polished pcs in one stone with different shape

Optimize multi pieces to get maximum use

Analyze multi stone same shape

Analyze the best weight with inclusion after plotting

Inclusion reflects visible

Best planning for princess shape



  • MULTI-LENSES: 3 Choose Lens Size
  • ACCURACY: Linear 0.01mm, angular 0.1 *Need to be free from dust
  • WEIGHT: 7kg
  • VOLTAGE: 12 volt 110-220
  • MEASURING SIZE: a choice of lenses suitable for different diamond sizes,
    ranging up to 100 carats
  • Dimensions: W:104xL:420xH:125mm




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