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OGI Systems' booth at the AGS Conclave Show in New Orleans| 23.04.2015

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OGI Systems Ltd. vs. Sarine Technologies Ltd

Over the last decade, the legal battle continues between OGI Systems and Sarine Technologies. The subject of the suit concerns a patent registered by Sarine on a diamond-marking laser ...


OGI Systems Group is proud to announce their release of DiaPix -- photography solutions in just one click ...

OGI to launch an inclusions mapping system- at the IGJME Expo

OGI Systems Group is launching ClearEX ultimate and most advanced system to detect inclusions.

OGI Systems Group Launches Symmetry System at Hong Kong's Fair 2014
OGI Systems Group, the leading global company for technological solutions in the diamond industry...

OGI Systems Group Launches Symmetry System in Hong Kong
OGI Systems Group, the leading global company for technological solutions in the diamond industry, announces the current launch of...

OGI Systems Group Launches New Service Center in New York City
OGI Systems Group is pleased to announce the recent ....

Rapaport Interviews Daniel Benjano
Established in 1993, OGI Systems is a manufacturer of diamond technology tools used in the diamond industry providing solutions to analyze, plan...

OGI Systems Introduces FireTrace Fancy Light Performance Standard
A breakthrough in light reflection analysis and evaluation. OGI's newest product...

OGI Systems co-sponsors International Rough Diamond Week in Israel
IDE with OGI is using Scanox Tender as the official rough planning system at the event

The Belgian Supreme Court rules against SARIN in the patent case opposing OGI and SARIN
A patent case opposes OGI and SARIN in Belgium since 2005 regarding OGI's 3D diamond mapping apparatus and laser marking device.

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