Symmetry Leakage

Capture all symmetry parameters in one frame

Recently OGI Systems Group unveiled Symmetry Leakage, an advanced technology for grading 3D diamond symmetry.

Symmetry leakage analyzes symmetry based on 3D ideal diamond measurements against realistic internal fractions. It can predict the absolute symmetry leakage in the diamond.

This software is the most advanced of its kind and will bring revolutionary change to the method of analyzing diamond symmetry. Until now, diamond symmetry was based on two-dimensional analysis including diamond edges, and matching facets and alignment. The new technology will allow simple and accurate three-dimensional analysis and grading symmetry of a diamond. The system will also give the leakage symmetry in a percentage measurement.

The new method enables scanning and analyzing 8 times faster than any other method or system that exists today. Within 18 seconds, you receive one clear image showing the symmetry leakage of the stone and including the many parameters (at least 25 symmetry parameters) that build the stone's symmetry.

This innovative technology system will improve the efficiency in the way that gem labs operate when it comes to grading diamond symmetry. It will significantly reduce the amount of time that a customer's stone needs to remain in the laboratory offices.


Looks Excellent

Looks Excellent