Solico CVD

3D Laser Modeling for CVD

Solico green laser

Solico can make any shape and also customize shape:

Round, Oval, Asher, Emerald, Radiant, Princess, Cushion, Heart and Marquise

5 different shapes after Solico process-
how Solico saves your time and money.



3D-modelling of any diamond shape by green laser to achieve a highly accurate result with minimal time and material loss.

SOLICO is an acronym for "Scanner, Optimizer and Laser Integrated Compact OGI" and it is a mean of combining a laser sawing/cutting process and a 3D mapping apparatus as a single unit. The sequence of actions when using SOLICO can be deduced from its name: measuring (scanner), optimizing the yield (optimizer) and simulating and executing laser process (laser).

SOLICO has 5 Axis ( X,Y,Z and 2 rotations) , a measuring device to create 3D mapping of rough stone (Scanner) and allocate the best polish shape plan (Optimizer) and executing laser 3D process (laser).

SOLICO integrated with OGI Rough software can able to cut rough stone to middle or to get best 50/50 pair rough stone or just table cut to make one single polish stone according to price list to get best value. SOLICO can cut any facetes, table cutting, blocking, bruting and create any shape 3D model.

SOLICO is advance compact laser system from Scanox Marking machine to abvle to cut/saw the stone. think what able you can do with marking device you just replace the laser marking with laser cutting all the other functions in Scanox marker remain in SOLICO.

Solution for CVD

Solico for CVD can do all the process to get final stone

Solico Process Sample


Solico is Laser processing offers many advantages compared with any other classical diamond processing:

  • 3D diamond mapping capable of generating a map of a diamond
            and make best analyzing option.
  • Full OGI Rough software embed
  • High speed cutting
  • Rough diamond material is recuperated
  • Can cut Table facetting, girdeling (special for fancy shape),
             blocking, bruting and facetting of every shape
  • Possible to mark after 3D planing any facet, or girdle, on to the rough
            diamond like OGI Scanox Marker.
  • Take over existing marks on the diamond or any plan considering
  • Fully automated system


    Clean Stone
    Fire Pique
    Pique Inside
    Pique Inclusion
    Fire Results

    Split two twins stones

    The best result without inclusion

    Inclusion effect simulate on polish stone

    Plotting glez simulate on rough stone

    Plotting whole simulate on rough stone

    Analyze multiple shape and gives the best value

    Maximize polished pcs in one stone with different shape

    Optimize multi pieces to get maximum use

    Analyze multi stone same shape

    Analyze the best weight with inclusion after plotting

    Inclusion reflects visible

    Best planning for princess shape

    Predict analyzing of the light performance



  • WEIGHT: 380kg
  • VOLTAGE: 220 ac, 1-phase,50/60Hz,16A
  • Dimensions: W:90xL:66xH:140mm
  • Wave Length: 532 nM
  • Laser Type: Pumped by Diode
  • Type ND: YAG
  • Transverse Mode: TEM00
  • Cutting: 0.2-10 carat - Can Customize

  • You can use our OGI Lab service center to give demo or for job work.
    we charge 85$ per carat from rough diamond to final cut.

    Download Solico Brochure