Scanox Marker Multi-Lens

Rough Analyzer & Laser Marking

The Scanox Pique Marker has an advanced Micro Laser marking unit for visible and extremely accurate laser line. This system offers marking options for all facets for sawing, polishing and best planning feature software for achieving the optimal yield from the stone.

Pique Gletz Deep Gletz Polaris

Clearer & Sharper than Ever

OGI and HRD Announce System Interoperability

Press Release:OGI Systems Ltd., as part of its worldwide strategy, looks to create products that integrate with leading diamond machinery companies that parallel products. OGI completed a successful collaboration with HRD Antwerp, the leading European gemological laboratory, a subsidiary of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), to facilitate interoperability between OGI’s Scanox Marker and HRD Antwerp’s EOS Fancy bruiting and girdling systems.

OGI’s Scanox Marker is the ultimate solution for planning and marking rough diamonds in minimum time with maximum accuracy. The system includes HD technology that offers high resolution mapping of the inclusions and rough surfaces.

The output of the Scanox Marker provides the most powerful algorithms used to determine the optimal yield of a stone. It can now be easily imported into HRD Antwerp’s EOS Fancy diamond bruiting system, a machine that ensures superb girdle quality and increased productivity through controlled software.

Scanox Marker and EOS Fancy’s integration significantly reduce the chance for error, while eradicating the need for evaluating the best bruiting and planning options during the cutting process.

Dani Benjano, the CEO at OGI Systems, explains, “We are very pleased with this advanced integration with the EOS Fancy and profoundly believe that the facilitation of this automated result exchange between the two systems will significantly improve the overall diamond manufacturing process while enhancing profitability.”

About OGI Systems Group
Founded in 1990, OGI Systems Group is a leading global company for diamond technology tools, providing smart solutions for every stage of the diamond’s manufacturing, grading and marketing process. OGI offers cutting-edge products for rough dealers, manufacturers, retailers and more.


Laser Marking
Most accurate marking laser line for all facets, including table, upper and lower girdle, crown and pavilion facets and all tops.
HD Camera
HD digital camera for accurate mapping of the rough surface and identification of the smallest inclusions.
Revolutionary inclusion feature enables calculating positions and grading clarity as viewed by the user.
Best Value
Advanced algorithms automatically analyses different cut grades, shapes, clarity grades and inclusion positions for maximum profit.
Allocates and calculates unlimited cutting options in round and fancy shapes for the highest possible yield.
Laser Scanner
Precise laser scanner for optimal mapping of holes and grooves.
Rough Price
Automatically calculates the rough price according to Rapaport list.
GIA® Facetware™
Receive an estimated GIA® cut grade before sending the diamonds to GIA® Lab for grading service
Automatically identifies and grade the symmetrical and asymmetrical features in a diamond.
Predicts light performance of the polished diamond.
Smart Recut
Allows manual or automatic re-cutting for improving the diamond's cut grade.
Measure and grade diamonds based on the standards of major labs.
Display full facet information such as: weight, diameter, depth, crown angle and height, pavilion angle and height, and culet.
Ultrafast capacity for measuring, planning and marking diamonds.

Clean Stone
Fire Pique
Pique Inside
Pique Inclusion
Fire Results

Split two twins stones

The best result without inclusion

Inclusion effect simulate on polish stone

Plotting glez simulate on rough stone

Plotting whole simulate on rough stone

Analyze multiple shape and gives the best value

Maximize polished pcs in one stone with different shape

Optimize multi pieces to get maximum use

Analyze multi stone same shape

Analyze the best weight with inclusion after plotting

Inclusion reflects visible

Best planning for princess shape

Predict analyzing of the light performance



  • MULTI-LENSES: 3 Choose Lens Size
  • ACCURACY: Linear 0.01mm, angular 0.1 *Need to be free from dust
  • WEIGHT: 14kg
  • VOLTAGE: 12 volt 110-220
  • MEASURING SIZE: a choice of lenses suitable for different diamond sizes,
    ranging up to 100 carats
  • Dimensions:Width 41.5mm x Depth 16 x Height 34mm





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