SawCut Robotics

Laser Cutting for Industrial Applications

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3 Axis
Advanced 3-axis Laser Sawing capability for Slicing, Seeding and Coring
5 Axis
The unique 5-axis laser enables sawing diverse Applications such as Milling inserts, Micro Endmills, Fly cutting tools, Radius tools, Contact lens tools, Surgical diamond knives and more.
Smooth Sawing
With the unique 5Axis laser, sawed surfaces are smooth in all directions (including corners) and consistent thickness is kept with accordance to the customer's requirement.
Sawing Sizes
Sawing materials' capability of sizes ranging between 0.2mm and 70mm.
Secure Sawing
Laser processing is very safe regardless of the materials, method or manufacturer
Fast Performance
Using this technology optimizes the sawing process as pasting is only required once, thus saving working hours
User Friendly
User-friendly and reliable, easy to operate and requires low maintenance
Applications Wizard Software
Assists you to plan, draw and execute sawing of any shape and form for any needed application.


5x Output Sample:


Slicing and Seeding:

Medical Tools:


The SawCut App provides sawing solution for various materials of many different industries.
These include: aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer goods, electronics, environment, medicine, lasers, mining, oil, gas, optics, power, utilities, tunneling and wire forming.

Milling inserts

Micro Endmills

Electro Optic Radius tools

Contact Lens Tools

Fly Cutting tools

Surgical diamond knives



  • WEIGHT: 420 kg
  • VOLTAGE: 220V
  • WAVE LENGTH: 532 nM
  • Dimensions: W: 85cm X L: 180cm X H: 160cm
  • For Laser Parameters Read more.
  • For Automation and Mechanical Parameters Read More.

  • Laser:
    Thicknesses of 0.1 to 40mm and more may be processed. Waste is only 1 to 2 % depending on the size and the shape of the diamond.

    Laser Parameters:
    Laser type: Pumped by Diode
    Wave length (nM): 532
    Type ND: YAG
    Transverse Mode: TEM00
    Average Power @5Khz (W): 15
    Pulse to pulse stability (%rms): 2%
    Pulse with, nominal (ns): 90
    Beam Diameter, nominal (mm): 1
    Polarization: Linear
    Beam quality (M2): 1, 2
    Electrical Power: 220 ac, 1-phase, 50/60Hz, 16 mghz
    Laser Resonator:
    Laser medium Nd: YAG crystal
    This laser unit has been developed for its specific use in the diamond industry
    Long pulse configuration, Constant peak power configuration at set frequencies
    100W powerful and stable
    TEM00 mode, Higher beam quality and stability

    Automation and Mechanical Parameters:

    Swing axe, the angle can move +/- 110 degree Optimize XY motion table for best performance
    Rotating axe, 360 degree
    Linear motor technology with performance matched mechanical elements to provide high acceleration, high velocity, and quick settling with accurate highly repeatable positioning
    High Strength Aluminum Body
    Square Rail Linear Bearing
    High Efficiency Ballscrew Drive
    Square Rail Linear Bearing
    High Efficiency Ballscrew Drive
    Square Rail Linear Bearing

    Additional options:

    Double-Sided Cassette
  • Double-sided sawing cassette is included for reduced weight loss in the final polishing.

  • Applications Wizard Software
  • Embedded software for bruting and shaping includes shape editor for creating, customizing and importing your own shapes and models.


    Saw Liner

    Setup Station for Sawing

    Scanox Proportion - High Resolution Diamond Grading