ICA Congress 2017: Colour gemstone industry upbeat about growth OGI continues to lead the market with breakthrough technology and provide its customers with the best solutions. - Daniel Benjano

Jaipur, The 17th International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) Congress 2017 has begun at Fairmont hotel. The Congress is being held from 21-24 October 2017.

The 4-day ICA will witness over 275 global members from 25 countries, which includes 100 Indian jewellers too. This Congress is a congregation of industry leaders in the gem and jewellery field. It also serves as an opportune meeting platform for the members and non-members both internationally and locally to garner knowledge and expertise on new trends.

Today, Praveenshankar Pandya, Chairman, GJEPC inaugurated the Jewellery Show at ICA Congress 2017. Mr Pandya was also the keynote speaker for the day. During his speech, Mr Pandya stressed on the need to increase consumer confidence in the colour gemstone industry. He further said, "Gemstone industry, which is dominated by families, need to bring in professionals and professional structures into the business. Besides, there is dire need for sustainable and generic marketing for the colour gemstones."

OGI Systems' ClearEX GEM is the ultimate and most advanced system to detect inclusions in gemstones. It helps to see the inclusion of gemstones like Emerald, Ruby Sapphire and make best polish plan. In case, of specialised emeralds, it can also take care of the disruptions. Other than these precious stones , this machine can map other gemstones as well and it can be modified as per client requirements for other gemstones. Its compact system, which can be easily placed on the table by the operator. ClearEX gives instructions to special Gemstone laser marking to guide to the polisher to follow after ClearEX plan.

"The machine helps not only to save a lot of time but is certainly a revolutionary tool for the gemstone industry. It's faster. Its colour camera helps in deciding best polish plan in regards to emeralds and rubies which may have different shades in a single gemstones. This is going to change the mindset, the way gemstones traders look at mapping, "Daniel Benjano, OGI Systems.

OGI continues to lead the market with breakthrough technology and provide its customers with the best solutions.
Published on October 24rd 2017 on heerazhaveraat.com