June 16, 2016

If you put the rough diamond then you will get a polished diamond.

Magical invention in diamond industries of macheneries ! That if you put a rough diamond from one end of this machenerie then you will get a polished diamond from other end .This machine's profits and loss are highlighted topic in the market. Before 60 years in this diamond industry nobody had ever imagined about this machenerie and about the science and technology.Previously the diamonds were polished in the old system polishing units but now they are now polished in semi -polishing unit which are available in the modern market! Now a days there are laser machines and rough planner machines also available.Today O.G.I systems had launched Solico system in the foreign market . In this systems when you do put a rough diamond from one end after a few time there will be a 90% polished diamond from another end.
This is magical system called as Solico. Where when you put a rough diamond from one end then you will get a 90% polished diamond from another end within few time and then afterwards you just have to give finishing touch and the diamond will get 100% ready. By putting the diamond one in the machine, the machine will automatically decide which will be the best shape and profitable ones. There is no requirement for planning , marking , cutting machine , polish table and blocking planning. If there is any inclusion in the diamond then the machine will keep that in notice and will automatically keep doing on it's work. This system can decide which is the shape is to be given to the diamond such as round , cusion , emrled , heart shaped etc. The Bombay merchant Association commitee member Mr. Jayantilal M. Shah told that " Solico system has created a problem for the diamond workers but there's a big relaxation that the diamond can only be made above 30.above (+) stone in which the small diamond workers will not face any problem".

This machine will automatically decide that which is the shape to give to the diamond which is best and profitable. From now , the diamond workers will not have to think anymore and stress themselves as this machine had arrived . As this system is very costlyit will take time for arriving in the market and it's a big challenge for the diamond market. Diamond merchant exporters 9Diam Mr. Sanjaybhai says,"Since 2017 the age of macheneries will start in which there will be a competition between humans and machines and finally the diamond macheneries will be superior than humans".