OGI Releases Titanium 5x Laser-Cutting System
OGI Systems Group, the leading global company for technological solutions in the diamond industry, revealed their Titanium 5x, the next generation, powerful American diode-pumped laser-cutting system for CVD and super-hard materials.

Titanium's 5-axis laser enables diverse sawing abilities for applications such as milling inserts, fly cutting tools, contact lens tools, surgical diamond knives and more. The unique laser guarantees smooth sawed surfaces in all directions and consistent thickness according to the customer's needs.

The Titanium 5x was especially developed for precise, safe and swift cutting of super hard material including CVD, PCD, PCB, CBN and HPHT. It allows users to plan, draw and execute cutting of any shape or form applications in accurate lines. It can also be customized to fit the needs of all customers.

Titanium 5x offers cutting solutions to many sectors including watch, automotive, consumer, electronics, tooling, medical, aerospace, energy, ceramics and optics.

About OGI Systems Group
Founded in 1990, OGI Systems Group is a leading global company for diamond and gemstone technology tools, providing smart solutions for every stage of the manufacturing, analyzing, grading and marketing process. OGI offers cutting-edge products for diamond dealers, diamond manufacturers, diamond retailers and gem labs.