OGI Systems Serves as Premier Laser System Provider for GIA's New Synthesis Facility
Tom Moses, GIA's executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer, announced
during his lecture at Israel's Diamond Week that GIA plans to open a diamond synthesis facility for
research in New Jersey in January 2016.

OGI Systems Ltd., the leading global company for diamond technology, is glad to announce that after
comprehensive research, GIA selected OGI's Titanium 5X, a powerful laser-cutting system for CVDs,
as their featured system in the new GIA diamond synthesis facility in New Jersey. They found that the
Titanium 5X is the most advanced and versatile system in the market today.
The Titanium 5X is a key element in the process of growth and production of the synthetic diamonds,
consisting of a powerful American Green Laser. The Titanium 5X is the ultimate Sawing System for
hard materials including natural diamonds, CVD, PCD, MCD, CBN, PCBN and Gemstones. It will
provide the GIA research facility with the ability to process CVD precisely and safely, from coring,
seeding to planning, drawing and executing laser sawing of any shape in accurate lines with guaranteed
smooth sawing surfaces in all directions and consistent thickness according to the user's needs.
Daniel Benjano, CEO of OGI Systems Ltd., said, "We are very pleased that GIA has chosen us as their featured laser technology. This is a continuation of GIA equipping themselves with OGI technology recently. This cooperation between OGI and GIA confirms OGI's status as the leading global diamond technology company."

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