OGI launches DiaTrue Mobile

OGI Systems has launched the Diatrue Mobile - a new mobile synthetic diamond detector. It is mobile and the analysis can then be sent and shared via mobile devices. OGI's new synthetic diamond detector, which has been in development in the past year, can help users cope with the unethical integration of synthetics into parcels of natural diamonds.

The Diatrue Mobile rapidly scans both single diamonds and parcels, from diamonds weighing 0.001-carats to large diamonds. The analysis can then be sent by the user via WhatsApp and/or email.

OGI Systems is a leading global company for diamond technology tools. OGI's brand products provides rough analyzers, laser inscription on gemstones and polished diamonds, systems for analyzing size and characteristics of polished diamonds, and a technology used to capture HD images of a diamond or gemstone, including a 360 degree video to help maximize performance during the production and marketing of diamonds.

These days, OGI is working on a new device that analyses polished diamond color.