GSI Brings Greater Report Accessibility, Accuracy And Security

GSI Brings Greater Report Accessibility

July 1, 2016

Gemological Science International (GSI) announced recently that it has added Virtual Diamond Examination (VDX), a 360-degree HD video to its list of proprietary, high-tech software applications for diamond grading and reports. "GSI's VDX Report not only reduces paperwork, but it allows access to 360-degree HD video of the diamond or gemstone and the grading report from anywhere in the world. I think our customers will be happy to know that it will come at no additional cost," said GSI Executive Vice President Debbie Azar.

"Starting July 2016, VDX Report will be gradually rolled out as a part of our grading report portfolio for all loose diamonds and gemstones graded in all GSI offices worldwide. We plan to expand this product to the line of our jewelry reports in the very near future," said Azar.

"After testing various products on the market, we decided to utilize OGI Diapix for the VDX application," says Azar. "We found the Diapix to have the best quality and speed, making it the paramount choice for us," she adds.

The VDX Report can easily be accessed by scanning the QR code on a hard report, or by punching in the report number in the "verify your report" window on the GSI website. "This new addition to our impressive lineup of products and services is designed to foster greater consumer confidence and added value for our customers," explains Azar. "GSI prides itself on offering our customers all the latest and most advanced technology available in the market today."