OGI to Launch Solico, Revolutionary Technology

June 1, 2016

The dream is here. Just insert a rough stone into one magic box, and you will get a polished diamond. Solico, the innovative system from OGI systems, is fulfilling this dream.

Simply insert a rough stone into the machine and it will do all of the planning for you, including the best shape that yields maximum profit. Then, the machine will cut almost 90 percent of the final model. All that is left is to polish the finishing touches.

There is no need for a planning or marking system, no need for cutting machines, no need for a polish table machine and no need for blocking polishing machine. Solico does everything in just one shot. Also, with stones that have inclusions that are visible to the eye, the machine takes them into consideration during the process.

Solico is the first machine in the diamond industry that plans the optimum rough shape such as round, cushion, emeralds, hearts, etc., and simultaneously acknowledges inclusions and includes them in the process during the manufacturing of the stone.

The Solico drastically reduces the length of time between the diamond production and marketing phases and therefore, you are maximizing the value of your money.