Visual Diamond Shape Light Performance

CFire is a unique technology for analysis and absolute grading of gemstones & diamonds' light performance and beauty.
These are evaluated based on the standard for the stone's shape and measured on three factors: Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation.
There are no limitations for any diamond shape measurements.


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Describes the refraction and reflection of the light that flashes as the diamond, observer, or lighting moves.


Describes the fiery, rainbow color flashes emanating from the diamond. This is white light broken-up into the colors of the spectrum.


Describes the refraction and reflection of the light that flashes on and off that flashes off as the diamond, the observer or the lighting moves.



Compare Mode

Compare between two stones to show their different visual light performance.

Matching Mode

Locate matching stones in your stock based on various parameters such as light reflection, weight, color, clarity and more.

All Shapes

Measure and grade light performance of any shape, including branded gems.

Cfire measure and grade light performance of any shape: Round, Oval, Princess, Oval, Marquise Triangle, Radiant, Cushion and any special Branded Model.


Jewelry Mode

Measure a gemstone's light reaction, even when it is already embedded in the jewelry.


All these visual light images can then be captured and shared on your website and social media pages via PC, laptop or smartphone.

CFire Card

Showcase your diamond and jewelry's visual light performance parameters on magnetic cards.

CFire Certificate

Showcase your diamond and jewelry by including their visual light performance parameters on printed certificates

Live Scintillation Mode

Excite your customer with a live view of the diamond's Scintillation light.

Clarity Detect

A gemologist can detect and grade a stone's inclusions and gletz.
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The 3 Factors


CFire Diamond Branding

CFire is an innovative tool for promoting sales of your jewelry and diamonds.
With this system you can distinguish your diamond by presenting its light reflection and beauty to your prospective customers.



  • 1 Lens Choose Lens Size
  • VOLTAGE: 12 volt 110-220
  • Dimensions: W: 150mm x L: 170mm x H: 205mm