OGI GemScribe

Diamond Girdle Laser Inscription & Gemstones

OGI GEMScribe is a reliable automatic inscription system for diamonds. This system allows you to inscribe numbers, letters, trademarks, and logos on the girdle of a diamond allows the diamond to be easily identified. The inscription is visible under 10x magnification. This process does not affect the quality of the stone and is permanent provided the diamond is not repolished.
Diamond or LAB GROWN diamond manufacturers or any Branding diamond holding are now able to create their own brand name diamonds distinguishing their stones over the competition.
Inscriptions can be done for any conceivable purpose, from branded inscriptions , insurance, reliable to send stones by memo and to personal dedications. All Lab-Grown diamond manufacturers in India engrave with a Gemscribe machine and a large number of diamond labs use the Gemscribe too. Gemscribe is a reliable, accurate machine, low maintenance and fast return investment and most important does not cause any diamond damage.

What important to know about laser inscription ?

1. Laser not penetrates deep into the stone (can downgrade the clarity)
2. No error during inscription what can get bad writing or missing line
3. After boiling the jewel the black inscription was not erased
4. User able to create own logo
5. Able to add data on exist inscription ( example stone has inscrpition 12345678 and want add Lab Grown )
6. Esy to edit more text or logo on the exist inscription
7.Able to mark on stone even if it set in a ring

GEMSCRIBE has everything mentioned above and no other laser does not have them



  • Long life Fibre laser unit
  • Scribe on 2 points stone to bigger size
  • Mark on any girdle shape, polish or bruted girdles
  • Protect from a fraud
  • IR laser technology, needs a coating before marking
  • Easy access to the working area, easy mount of the stones on a
  • special build in holder
  • User friendly even by unskilled workers
  • High resolution of vision system and what you see is what you get
  • High productivity, mark 200 stones and more in a day
  • Fine marking line
  • Choose any letter and or logo height
  • Build in LOGO editor
  • Import BMP logos format
  • Import of any windows characters (All True type fonts)
  • Focus adjust is easy and visible on the screen.
  • Special automatic focusing
  • Many special software for many type of stones
  • Excellent for Rough to authentication and identification
  • Excellent for diamond process to keep stone not exchange
  • Low Maintenance and fast return investment .


  • WEIGHT: 15kg.
  • VOLTAGE: adapter 12 volt from 110-220 (auto switching).
  • INSCRIPTION LINE WIDTH: Less than 5 microns (0.005 mm).
  • INSCRIPTION DEPTH: Less than 9 microns (0.009).
  • DIMENSIONS: 510 x 370 x 200 mm.

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