" The Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory (ADGL) is primarily a trade only laboratory established to support jewellery retailers through the provision of an accurate and timely diamond grading service. The labarotory is also open to the public should they wish to have their personal diamonds certified. PLEASE NOTE ALL STONES SUBMITTED TO THE LABORATORY MUST BE LOOSE.
The laboratory features some of the most advanced diamond grading technology in the world. We are proud to operate equipment produced by Ogi Systems of Israel, the world innovators of diamond analysing and proportion measurement systems. OGI Systems Ltd. have teamed up with the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) to manufacture the new GIA FacetScanTM Optical Scanner for distribution through GIA's Instrument division. The laboratory now owns two of these machines. The newest high definition scanner, the Scanox is also an integral part of the laboratory. This together with the FacetScan machines give accurate and consistent results. Diamonds are graded against stones which have been colour graded by GIA as colour master stones. The Sarin Colibiri machine is used in conjunction with these master stones at times when the masters are either not conclusive or are too much bigger or smaller than the stone being graded.. Another important piece of equipment is the "DiamondSure". This highly sensitive machine detects synthetic and treated diamonds.
ADGL is committed to setting and maintaining the highest standard of ethics and professionalism. The laboratory adheres to the cut grading standards developed by the Gemmological Institute of America called GIA Facetware. The senior grader is GIA trained and has 30 years grading experience. Our other graders are either GIA or GAA trained. For those who have certified diamonds by Laboratories other than ADGL or GIA and you would like to see what cut grade your diamond would achieve under GIA rules please click here.
Turnaround time is within 3 days. Shorter turnaround time may be possible depending on pressure of work. ".

JAA Member

"We use OGITECH equipment in all three of our offices and find their proportion analyzers very accurate and reliable. We have used OGITECH for a number of years and have had excellent service from their customer support team".

GREG THOMPSON, Manager/Senior Gemologist GS Laboratories Inc.

"Our company was first introduced to the OGI Megascope in the late 1990’s. Every 2 months we are in Israel manufacturing, buying or recutting diamonds. We would use the Megascope of several friends' offices which already had it. Once used, it was very difficult to return back to our office and use our micrometers and table microfiche rulers. Within a year we decided to invest in one of our own.
Our customers have always requested accurate and detailed information concerning the physical cut properties of our diamonds. The Megascope now enabled us to provide this in a very quick and easy fashion.
Accurate, reliable information which can be easily and promptly delivered is essential to the success of our company. We are happy for the many years we have been teamed up with companies such as OGI who continue to foster the growth of our business".

MICHAEL P. REMICK, Pres. Premier Trading Corporation.

"I purchased my first Megascope in the middle of the year 2000 and have been using it almost on a daily basis ever since. The stability and reliability is remarkable. Either used by students, teachers or professionals the Megascope is a valuable tool in any diamond business be it wholesale, retail, appraisal or whatever related application. I can enthusiastically recommend the Megascope Products to anyone".


"In view of our excellent experience with OGI and our full satisfaction with the equipment and services of the company; it was decided at our last board meeting that as part of our international projects, we will equip our new laboratories with measuring and laser devices from OGI. This procedure is out of our will to improve our services and our research.
We have pleasure in enclosing our order for our new project as been discussed between us. I want to thank you for your personal attention to our project, for your professionalism and dedication of your team.
I would like to express my full satisfaction with the equipment that was supplied by you last month".

Y.YACAR, GG (GIA) Manager & Chief gemologist Universal Gemologocal Laboratories, Russia - Israel - India