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Press Release:25.05.11

OGI Systems is to launch new HD products at the Las Vegas Show

OGI Systems LTD., the world's leading company in technological solutions for the diamond industry, is launching innovative technology at the Las Vegas JCK show, June 3-6, Booth B6664. The new Scanox H.D measuring and grading system, along with the new MEGAFire Light Trace analyzer, are to be at the forefront of OGI's exhibit. In addition, innovative technology for enhanced jewelry marketing is to be displayed, and jewelry dealers can experience the tool hands-on and learn about its added-value features that can contribute to their business.

Scanox HD
The Scanox HD system is based on a High Resolution Digital Camera which enables to achieve a perfect 3D model. The enhanced camera, together with its smart lighting feature, provides the sharpest and clearest diamond image possible, featuring important details such as proportions, symmetry and extra facets. In addition, Scanox includes innovative multi lenses that provide consistency in diamond measurement. The Scanox Proportion system is the ultimate solution to measuring and grading of brilliant polished diamonds and has been designed to be used in labs that require maximum accuracy during the scanning process of the diamond. This advanced system supports all of OGI's proportion software, such as Facet Pro, RECator, FireTrace, GIA Facetware, NEW HRD and Zale's Celebration.

MEGAFire is a unique technology for analysis and evaluation of the light reflection of the diamond. MEGAFire measures the diamond and determines how much "life" it has in it. This is done by the use of Ray-Tracing Technology, based upon data containing a great amount of combinations. The factors on the diamond facet that are taken into account are: total depth, table size, crown angle, crown height, pavilion angle, pavilion depth, lower-half, star length and culet.

This tool can be used to sort stones according to the level of their Light-Reflecting properties in a scientific way, without having to rely on previous knowledge of the stone. Gemological institutions will also benefit from an additional tool for stone evaluation.
The light-reflecting standards can be divided into four central categories:
Standard A: Excellent Fire
Standard B: Very good Fire
Standard C: Good Fire
Standard D: Fair Fire

The use of the MEGAFire instrument is the first stage in the process of estimating the degree of light reflection contained in the diamond. In a few seconds the system illustrates a graphic image of the upper and lower sections of the diamond and also the amount of light reflection projected from the geometrical shape of the diamond.

If the light reflection standard is not Excellent Fire and you wish to upgrade the brightness of the stone, it is possible to undertake a new evaluation of the stone, until obtaining perfect light reflection.

An additional option is the use of the light performance technology found in the OGI rough stone software, which permits maximum evaluation of the rough stone. In other words, optimum weight and optimum light reflection can be obtained during the stage when the diamond is still in a rough condition. All of OGI's customers will be able to upgrade their existing machines at cost price. For additional details, contact Lior Modlin at 972-3-5758720 or your nearest dealer.