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Press Release:02.08.07

OGI’s reaction against slanderous press release of Sarin Technologies Ltd.

OGI Systems Ltd. lawyers sent a letter of demand for damages incurred to date, to the sum of US$ 500,000.- including a letter of warning to both Sarin Technologies and personally to Zeev Leshem its CEO. The letter states that the contents of Sarin’s publication and letter relating to Patent No: 151046 "The Automatic Marking of Diamond Girdles by use of Lasers" is fraudulent, false and slanderous to OGI Systems.
Sarin DOES NOT possess any patent of laser marking of diamonds, using a mapping system prior to marking, in Israel, nor has Sarin ever won any patent objection, including the above mentioned or other claim whatsoever, against OGI Systems.
Any attempt to slander OGI Systems Ltd. or endeavor to damage its reputation will not be tolerated and will result in grave legal measures, as well as being sued for damages to the full extent of the law. Therefore, if Sarin does not pay damages to OGI Systems in full and does not issue an unequivocal clarification and rectification of its slanderous letter and publication they will be dragged through the courts until the truth is exposed.
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