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Press Release:7.2.12

Firetrace Diamond Light Performance Recut Software

For the first time in the world, OGI Systems Group, the leading global company in technological tools for the diamonds industry, is launching software for repairing light reflection performance in round and fantasy diamonds!

This advanced software is an additional tier in OGI's series of products that analyze and present a diamond's light reflection based on its geometrical characteristics. This advanced software also integrates in OGI's latest Scanox HD series of High Resolution products.

After measuring the diamond in a High Resolution Scanox HD System, a report is issued presenting a light reflection grade based on the OGF global standard. When light reflection grade is not perfect it is possible to repair the diamond with maximum light reflection and minimum stone waste.

The system allows producing reports that show the cut grade of the diamond as would be achieved from any lab worldwide - including GIA FACETWARE, IGI, HRD Antwerp, EGL and many more, as well as reports showing the light reflection grade of the same diamond, thus enabling achievement of Excellent Fire Grade and Excellent Cut Grade.

According to OGI's VP of Marketing, Mr. Lior Modlin, the company encourages diamond manufacturers around the world to perform joint research for the evaluation of feasibility of maximal light reflection in patented stones, thus increasing the prestige of such diamonds. Such joint research was recently done with Zales' celebration Diamond.

For more information, please contact your local representative.