Clearex Diamond

Inclusions Mapping

The OGI Clearex is optimal solution for the inclusions detection, mapping and valuation of internal features in Gemstone and Diamonds.

The Clearex provides rough dealer automatically option to inspect, evaluate and determine the value of a stone according to the light return.

Together with advanced OGI algorithms automatically analyses different cut grades, shapes, clarity grades and inclusion positions for maximum profit.

The Clearex offers the perfect tool for true rough valuation inspiring confidence in your decision whether to buy the rough or not.

Clearex provides the following models:
Clearex Melee

up to 5 mm approx.

Clearex Medium

up to 13 mm approx.

Clearex Premium

up to 100 mm approx.

Clearex Tender

i100, i200, i300

* The device is currently optimized mapping of gems such as: Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. and is in R&D for testing other types of gemstones.